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Improving Inpatient Care in Mental Health Institutions with Telepsychiatry

In our series, we have covered many of the challenges that hospitals and physicians face from a behavioral health perspective, from burnout to boarding, and how telepsychiatry provides innovative solutions. Here, we continue our exploration into the psychiatric world and how telepsychiatry is helping to advance inpatient care in mental health hospitals.  The Shortages Affecting Inpatient Care  The United States has an alarming shortage of psychiatrists. With the wide-ranging mental health […]

Tackling Mental Health in the ER with a New System of Care

In many US communities, emergency departments are one of the last remaining safety nets for mental health patients. One in eight visits to the emergency room (ER) today is related to mental health or substance abuse issues. Starting in the 1980s continuing through the 90s, mental health was de-institutionalized around the country in an effort to modernize mental health […]

5 Ways Telepsychiatry Can Help Tackle the Opioid Crisis

Opioid addiction is a growing nation-wide concern. It has been declared a Public Health Emergency, and the worst drug crisis in American history. Opioid addiction has torn through the US, destroying lives in its path. Every day, emergency rooms treat over 1,000 people for misusing opioids. Patients with mental health disorders are a vulnerable population and are more susceptible […]

3 Ways MindCare is Setting a New Standard of Care in Telepsychiatry

Telepsychiatry first emerged in the 1920s when psychiatrists would perform consultations over the radio with sailors or people on isolated islands who were ill. We have come a long way from the radio transmission days, but telepsychiatry now plays an ever-increasing role in the healthcare system. Today, telepsychiatry is still helping to increase access to quality care […]

Improving ED Psychiatric Care Through Awareness and Training

You begin your rounds for the evening ER shift. The screaming toddler in bed one has a painful ear infection. The parents worriedly hover over their crying child, trying to soothe her. Bed two, an elderly patient you’re worried is having a heart attack; you double check the nurse is doing the EKG now. The […]

The Difficulty in Correctly Assessing Mental Health Disorders in Emergency Departments

Imagine feeling sharp, persistent pain, shortness of breath, and weak from lack of sleep. You go to the ER but they send you away with no answers, and still in agony. This is not the first time you have been turned away without answers. You feel helpless. Something is wrong but everyone thinks you’re faking […]