5 Questions to Ask Your Telepsychiatry Vendor





Telepsychiatry can help hospitals and other care facilities provide better access to mental health services. Recent regulatory changes are quickly removing hurdles for reimbursement and access to telehealth services, allowing organizations to expand while reducing overhead costs. There are several important factors to consider when it comes to finding the right telepsychiatry partner to meet your long-term goals though.

1. Find out the criteria the vendor uses to hire providers to ensure your specific needs will be met with high-quality professionals
At MindCare, we partner with the best doctors in the industry. Our board-certified psychiatrists and behavioral health professionals are credentialed, trained, and evaluated on our systems’ delivery model. We build our team with a primarily employed model, ensuring each employee is focused on providing quality care and is dedicated to our partners. By ensuring quality care and strong provider and client relationships, we have achieved a 98% customer retention rate.

MindCare has also earned the Joint Commissioner’s Gold Seal of Approval.

2. How many clinicians do they have in their network and what kind of access can you expect?
With over 150 employed or contracted psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and social workers, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with MindCare’s team. Our providers practice in all 50 states, consistently delivering quality care and timely, round-the-clock access to telepsychiatry services. With over 200 acute care, behavioral health, and outpatient partners, we treat a patient every 6 minutes.

3. What steps do they take to simplify workflows to meet your needs?
All of our partners have access to our simple, secure end-to-end telepsychiatry platform, MindCare Core™. This flexible platform provides comprehensive scheduling, communication, and reporting designed with and for healthcare professionals. With the ability to manage schedules across offices and time zones, MindCare Core gives our partners easy access to drag-and-drop appointments, customizable appointment settings, and the ability to coordinate resources and providers with collaborative scheduling.

MindCare Core also streamlines communication between hospitals, clinics, and telehealth providers through secure instant messaging, giving our partners a communication center for connecting providers with facilities. The platform also works with interactive voice response to improve usability and enable streamlined call routing. Patient information is also easily accessible with real-time updates on cancellations, the ability to document cases in the system, track appointment history, and analyze trends such as no-show rates to identify inefficiencies and improve productivity. Additionally, MindCare Core can be tailored to fit your needs with custom APIs, video integrations for online meetings, and location management for enterprise-scale organizations.

4. What security measures do they have in place?
MindCare’s Core platform provides a convenient, HIPAA compliant, secure communications platform. You can rest easy knowing your patients’ health records are secure and accessible with MindCare.

5. Do they have experience working with your facility type?
MindCare is proud to partner with an extensive and diverse network of care facilities. Our telepsychiatry services help acute care hospitals around the country increase throughput while reducing boarding and wait times. With the quickly growing prevalence of mental illness and substance abuse disorder in the US, MindCare helps ease the burden on ER staff by providing a comprehensive range of services, including clinical assessment and diagnosis, disposition planning, and follow-up care.

Our team also works with behavioral health hospitals to ensure your on-site staff has the support they need to care for patients 24/7. As many as 78% of physicians experience symptoms of burnout, and over 18 million mental health patients went without care last year, increasing the already high demand on providers. By partnering with MindCare, you can give your on-site staff a much needed break by letting our providers cover after-hours and weekend calls.

MindCare’s team also helps support a variety of outpatient programs, helping them to reach more patients by supplementing their existing team or adding access to mental health specialists. Our team helps primary care and specialty clinics manage psychotropic medications, reach more patients by increasing PHP/IOP staff, and assists federally qualified health centers to meet the mental health needs of their patients with a cost-effective approach.

At MindCare, we strive to continually raise the bar for telepsychiatry services. Our partners always come first. We strive to build stronger provider and client relationships, and ensure more patients can receive quality mental health services.

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