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Behavioral health hospitals around the country provide structured care in a therapeutic and safe environment for patients. They play a crucial role in our communities and are an essential resource for the 1 in 5 adults and adolescent patients experiencing mental illness.

The growing number of mental health cases is quickly outpacing the number of trained psychiatrists, placing a frustrating and heartbreaking burden on both patients and behavioral health hospitals. According to a recent survey by Merrit Hawkins, a physician search firm, there are around 9 psychiatrists per 100,000 people, far short of the number needed to support patients. These numbers become even more alarming when you consider geography. Merrit Hawkins found that 60% of US counties do not have access to a psychiatrist.

This shortage creates an immense amount of strain on the system, and many behavioral health hospitals struggle to find qualified on-site psychiatrists. MindCare can help shoulder the burden and give your hospital or clinic the support it needs to care for your patients with mental health needs.

Around the clock care

Mental health emergencies don’t stop at 5pm. Hospitals need to be prepared around the clock to screen and care for patients. When you partner with MindCare, our team is ready to support you 24/7. Our physicians are skilled at patient intake screening, assistance with involuntary commitment, and are available to virtually meet with patients 1-on-1 no matter the time or day.

When you partner with us, we spend time getting to know your systems and preferences inside-out.

Our team of employed physicians is dedicated to becoming an extension of your in-person healthcare staff. When you partner with us, we spend time getting to know your systems and preferences inside-out. By setting up meetings with your staff, we can get a good understanding of their needs and approach to patient management so you can feel comfortable leaving your patients in our capable hands.

Your healthcare staff is dedicated to providing the best for your patients. Seeing patients, completing paperwork, and keeping staffing levels high can leave little time for spouses and children, let alone self-care. Unfortunately, this can make work-life balance seem unachievable for some. When your overnight staff needs psychiatric expertise or an emergency occurs, we have your back. As Jennifer Wood, Executive Vice President of MindCare explains, “Our partners choose us to take care of their patients after hours so that their physicians enjoy a better quality of life, allowing your staff to return refreshed and able to take better care of their patients during the day.”

Customizable partnerships to meet your needs

Your needs and patient care are our first priority. Whether you need an extra hand just one or two days a week or 24/7 on-demand access, our dedicated staff is here when you need us. We tailor our approach to meet your requirements.

Becoming a seamless member of your team is a top priority for MindCare. We can dedicate one member of our team to serve your medical staff and carry a regular caseload while also attending staff and treatment meetings. We can even devote one of our trained specialists to serve as an interim or permanent medical director for your hospital. They will be present at every meeting and available around the clock to guide your staff and collaborate with the administration to help set and keep your standards for excellence. As a medical director, our staff member works with your administration to review policies and procedures, provide expert feedback, and participate in peer reviews and QAPI processes.

Why choose us?

Our administrative and clinical leadership teams have decades of experience serving as CEOs, COOs, and Executive Medical Directors for behavioral health hospitals around the country. Their experience makes them keenly aware of the issues your organization faces and gives them the knowledge needed to guide your team on how to best overcome obstacles. You can count on our expertise in the specialty areas you need.

Our custom-built electronic medical record system gives your staff immediate access to clinical documents and medical records and helps streamline the telepsychiatry process. Our customizable technology platform allows us to integrate with your specific needs and requirements. And if you have already implemented your own behavioral health EMR, then we will train our physicians on how to use it.

At MindCare, we strive to have an impact on the patients we serve and to transform behavioral health services by improving access to care, achieving optimal outcomes, and reducing costs. MindCare helps to ease the burden on your staff by providing a comprehensive range of services and a collaborative treatment approach that lets our team be an extension of yours.

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