3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Telepsychiatry Provider





The growing importance of mental healthcare, along with increasing reimbursement for telehealth services makes 2020 an excellent year to consider adding telepsychiatry to your health system. A specialized version of telehealth, telepsychiatrists can provide a wide range of medical services, including psychiatric evaluations, therapy, patient education, and medication management.

Telepsychiatry services offer more than just patient care though. Partnering with a telepsychiatry provider also offers support to your clinical staff through consultations and on-demand communications. Fewer and fewer primary care physicians and even emergency physicians are receiving adequate education about identifying and treating mental health patients. Telepsychiatry providers can help bridge this gap by giving your healthcare team 24/7 access to board-certified psychiatrists who can help diagnose patients, cut down on wait times, and avoid unnecessary patient admissions.

Setting up new partnerships can be daunting though. How can you be sure that a telepsychiatry partner is right for your hospital or clinic?

Is the telepsychiatry company committed to fully understanding your operations, procedures, and policies?

Your healthcare team has put a lot of time and thought into setting up the best care policies for your patients and workers. A telepsychiatry provider that does not incorporate seamlessly into your existing care team and workflow can cause more work for staff and potentially even endanger patients.

A partner should work collaboratively with you and be an extension of your team, not a hindrance. At MindCare, our flexible technology platform allows us to integrate with your specific needs and workflow requirements, ensuring that our care team fits in seamlessly with yours. All of our providers work collaboratively with your on-site team to determine the best course of care for patients within your normal operational workflow.

Does your telepsychiatry provider have a Quality Department?

Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluations (OPPE) and Focused Professional Practice Evaluations (FPPE) ensure that medical staff continuously strive to improve professional competence, practice, and care. Both evaluations form an integral part of helping care teams improve performance and ensure that patients are receiving quality care.

We believe every patient deserves outstanding care. That’s why we have a Quality Department that performs regular evaluations to identify areas for performance improvement. Our carefully selected mental health professionals undergo ongoing evaluations on patient care, medical knowledge, professionalism, and communication skills. Our peer-to-peer reviews include daily Encounter Reports, weekly chart reviews, semi-annual peer reviews, and ongoing provider training. We believe in sharing the outcomes of these evaluations with your team so that you know your team is working with knowledgeable, experienced professionals.

Do they offer comprehensive services that reduce the burden on your staff?

A telepsychiatry partner should help reduce your team’s workload, not add to it. MindCare helps to ease the burden on your staff by providing a comprehensive range of services that cover everything from the initial assessment and diagnosis to treatment planning and follow-up care. Our team is available 24/7 to support your healthcare team in making complex patient-care decisions for mental health disorders.

We are here to complement your existing team and help them provide care for even the most challenging mental health cases.

We provide attention and care when it matters most while improving the overall experience for patients and staffs. MindCare’s team can help your hospital avoid unnecessary admissions, lengthy waits for mental health evaluations, and reduce Emergency Room wait times. Our system can seamlessly integrate into specialty clinics as well, empowering your team to provide more holistic care and improving self-management for patients with chronic conditions.

At MindCare, we value your team and your partnership. We are here to complement your existing team and help them provide care for even the most challenging mental health cases. Our integrated approach to care and advanced technology platform are customizable to your needs and allow MindCare to be up and running in your Emergency Department, inpatient or outpatient clinic quickly and efficiently – providing cost-effective behavioral healthcare where and when it’s needed most.

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