We schedule appointments within hours or days rather than weeks or months


Our integrated treatment approach is
customized to your care setting


Treating the whole person optimizes
health for individuals and populations


Telemedicine that works

MindCare Solutions partners with you to address your most challenging patients by connecting mental health and medical care to treat the whole person. We complement your medical practice with our behavioral model of care through telemedicine.

Are your patients getting all the medical care they need?


We’re flexible. Our services are an extension of your clinical practice and fit within your information, communication and business systems.


Your patient population needs can be met anywhere.  We have providers licensed to practice across the nation.  Care can be scheduled within hours or days rather than weeks or months.


Our reliable and secure technology shares data with your clinical team in a meaningful way to facilitate collaboration and allow ready access to needed information.

Efficient & Effective

Integrating behavioral and medical care reduces costs by improving efficiencies, eliminating unnecessary medical treatment and improving your patients’ health.


To Improve Health

Adaptable Scheduling

Integrated EMR

Evidence Based

Outcome Measurements

Patient Centered

At its simplest, providing a patient-centered service means designing the service in exactly the way a patient would want it to be delivered. MindCare Solutions is built just that way. Market research across the whole spectrum of healthcare delivery makes it clear what is most important to patients. They want high quality, they want convenience and they want predictable and reasonable out-of-pocket costs.

To patients ‘high quality’ means something different than it means for clinicians. While doctors look at process inputs and clinical milestones, patients look at how seamlessly care is provided, how well their clinicians work together and how they are treated by the providers they encounter. There is nothing that undermines a patient’s sense of safety more than disconnected and disjointed care. And nothing that gives patients and families more confidence than feeling as though their provider knows and anticipates their needs. MindCare Solutions presents a wholly integrated, seamless model that brings primary and behavioral care together, delivered through telemedicine – conveniently and timely.

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