Backed by robust provider education and training and supported by a secure and advanced technology platform, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective care where it’s needed most, such as in Emergency Departments, Med-Surgical Units, outpatient clinics, and correctional facilities. We develop customized care pathways with the providers, equipment, training and support you need to get you up and running quickly and effectively.

MindCare integrates behavioral care into healthcare settings through a secure telehealth platform to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Our board-certified psychiatrists, advanced practice nurses, and behavioral health professionals help you deal with a broad range of mental illness, from depression and anxiety to addiction disorders, psychotic disorders, bipolar disorder, and substance misuse.

  • Behavioral health screening and assessments

  • Psychiatric consultation and treatment

  • Psychotropic medication management

  • Therapeutic counseling

For Hospitals and Health Systems

MindCare is helping hospitals and health systems address issues related to access, cost and quality of care by providing round-the-clock telebehavioral health services by our team of employed board-certified psychiatrists and advanced practice nurses.

MindCare in Emergency Departments

We are working with our hospital partners to reduce ED wait times and length of stay, avoid unnecessary admissions, and improve patient flow and throughput. With the number of MHSU (mental health and substance use) patients turning up at the ED set to rise from 10% to 23% over the next decade, MindCare is helping to ease the burden on staff and system by providing a comprehensive range of services from clinical assessment and diagnosis, to treatment, disposition planning, transition and follow-up care.

MindCare in Inpatient Units

Our 24/7 inpatient rounding program enables clinically-driven, best-in-class integrated care that helps optimize patient outcomes and reduce length of stay in Psychiatric, Med-Surgical and other inpatient units. MindCare supports your clinical teams and the important decisions they make when caring for complex patients with physical and mental disorders, helping provide an added level of care and attention when it matters most, while improving the overall effectiveness, efficiency and experience of care.

For Outpatient Clinics

MindCare’s integrated solution offers access to behavioral health clinicians, clinical information exchange, coordinated treatment planning and problem solving, and increased communication between primary care and behavioral health providers across a range of ambulatory care settings including workplace clinics, correctional facilities, and specialty clinics.

Primary Care

The benefits of integrating telebehavioral health into primary care clinics are significant. With more than 60% of US counties without a single psychiatrist, access to mental health services is a major issue. The evidence shows that when people receive treatment in primary healthcare facilities the likelihood of better health outcomes, and even full recovery, as well as maintained social integration is vastly increased.

Specialty Clinics

With more than half of the US population suffering from physical chronic disease, many are also afflicted by associated mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and addiction disorders. MindCare can be seamlessly integrated into specialty care settings such as dialysis centers and pain management clinics to enable the delivery of more holistic treatment, improving self-management of chronic conditions and whole person health.

Employee Clinics

With stress, depression and anxiety in the workplace a leading cause of lost productivity and absenteeism, employers are increasingly looking to integrate behavioral healthcare into employee wellness programs. MindCare’s telebehavioral health services are also supporting employees to manage chronic conditions, improving health outcomes while reducing overall healthcare costs for employers.

Correctional Facilities

With more than half of all US inmates afflicted with at least one mental health condition, providing timely access to high-quality behavioral healthcare is becoming even more critical. MindCare is well-versed in the complexities of delivering care within correctional facilities and works in coordination with your onsite clinics to improve patient outcomes and reduce risk to employees for even the most challenging inmates.

Telebehavioral Health in Emergency Departments

Driving ED Costs Down through Telepsychiatry

Managing the Escalating Behavioral Health Crisis in Correctional Facilities Using Telehealth