Introducing MindCare Connect™

An Enterprise Platform for Telebehavioral Health

MindCare Connect is a flexible, end-to-end platform for telebehavioral health providing comprehensive scheduling, communication and reporting features that can be customized to the needs of your organization.

Built by mental health professionals from the ground up, MindCare Connect provides a customizable Communication Hub with a single point of access, IVR-enabled automated call routing, and multi-tiered scheduling.

  • SIMPLE – Easy to learn and easy to use

  • FLEXIBLE – Configurable to your organization’s needs

  • SCALABLE – Works seamlessly across multiple sites

  • AFFORDABLE – Flat rate subscription model with unlimited usage

  • Built for Telepsychiatry

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • Multi-tiered Scheduling

  • Secure Messaging

  • Online Assessments

  • Patient Queue Management

  • Collaborative Consults

  • Full Tracking + Reporting Suite

  • Flexible Branding

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Multi-tiered Scheduling

  • Manage schedules across multiple physicians, offices, and time zones.
  • Drag-and-drop appointments to reschedule
  • Customize appointment settings based on physician, time increments, appointment reason, and patient status
  • Coordinate resources and providers with collaborative scheduling

Streamlined Communications

  • Facilitates communication flow between hospital, clinic, call center, and telehealth provider through secure instant messaging
  • Create a communication center for connecting providers with facilities
  • IVR improves usability and enables streamlined call routing
  • Web portal facilitates exchange of clinical documentation

Advanced Tracking
+ Reporting

  • Track patients from arrival to departure and receive real-time updates on cancellations
  • Manage and monitor cases in a queue
  • Document cases within the system
  • Track patient appointment history, service utilization trends, and no-show rates
  • Identify inefficiencies and opportunities to improve workflow and productivity

Tech Stack

  • Tailor our software to your needs. Create your own labels, forms, and patient letters.
  • Custom API & CSS for developers
  • Vidyo and SwyMed integrations for online meetings and group consultations
  • Location management designed for enterprise-scale organizations

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