Tania S. Malik, JD

Ms. Malik is the founder of COPE Today, a telemental health company, which was acquired by Mindcare Solutions Group in 2013. She is an entrepreneur and a lawyer who has been in healthcare for 22 years and spent the last 15 focused on telemedicine solutions. She has held various positions ranging from an Administrative Law Judge for the State of Georgia to a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers. She has built various business centered on connecting patients with physicians to increase access and improve outcomes including Vital Health Network which is implemented with Aetna.

She graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Georgia State University School of Law and a member of the bar in North Carolina and Georgia. She has won various awards for her entrepreneurial accomplishments. COPE Today was featured in Forbes and she has been quoted in various magazines including the Wall Street Journal and NY Times.