20 - 40% of patients seen by primary care physicians
experience a comorbid mental disorder

Our services are live, interactive, face-to-face digital consultations, including:

  • Psychiatric consultation and treatment

  • Psychotropic medication management

  • Therapeutic counseling

  • Behavioral health screening and assessments

Primary Care Telebehavioral Health

You know better than anyone that the focus of healthcare delivery has changed from addressing acute symptoms to addressing long range health, from driving transactions to driving lasting outcomes. You sit at the frontlines of that change. Today you are expected to address the presenting illness but also the underlying chronic disease and disability that influences health over the long term.

These new imperatives require that we retool the relationship between primary care and behavioral health. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) has strongly recommended the early integration of behavioral health assessment with primary medicine. That integration is, of course, easier said than done. Only the largest practices can add a behavioral clinician to complement the primary care team. The limited availability of behavioral consultations often means that behavioral diagnosis isn’t available when care plans are developed for a patient.

MindCare Solutions stands ready to help you. Our consultations happen when you want them. We offer a flexible technology platform fit to your needs. We integrate into your practice in a seamless and efficient way.


Better Outcomes

Managing depression, anxiety and addiction reduces the severity and intensity of disease.


We build a behavioral profile at the same time you are developing a medical profile.

Immediate Intervention

Available whenever an acute need arises so there’s no lengthy referral process.


integrated care

Coordinated care

Efficient and affordable

Minimize stigma

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