Almost half of individuals living in residential
care communities have Alzheimer's disease or dementia

Our services are live, interactive, face-to-face digital consultations, including:

  • Psychiatric consultation and treatment

  • Psychotropic medication management

  • Therapeutic counseling

Long-Term Care Telebehavioral Health

Your residents bring both complex medical and psychiatric conditions with them. Comorbid behavioral and health conditions increase costs and compromise outcomes. MindCare Solutions integrates behavioral care into health care settings through telemedicine to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Your patients no longer have to wait weeks or months to get the behavioral care they need. Our telehealth practice provides your residents the care they need when they need it. We become a “virtual” onsite extension of your team with a full range of behavioral care services.

Healthcare is our focus. Safe and trustworthy technology is our delivery platform. Quality, cost-effective care is our goal. We develop a customized solution with the providers, equipment and support you need to get you up and running quickly and effectively.


Better Access

Behavioral health providers are both in short supply and poorly distributed. We solve both problems, making providers more available by bridging space and time.

Reduce Costs

By integrating behavioral interventions in a timely manner with medical interventions your patients have better outcomes and at a lower cost.

Mitigate Risks

We effectively treat anxiety, depression and aggression to improve quality of life and reduce the risk of residents harming themselves, other patients and your staff.

Coordinated Care

Our team of behavioral health providers become an integral part of your onsite team. Our information systems communicate with yours so data is shared securely and efficiently.


Improve Outcomes

Better manage psychotropic medications

Relieve depression, anxiety and agitation

Decrease emergency room visits and readmissions

Increase patient and family satisfaction

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