Donald Phillips

Mr. Phillips has more than 25 years of investment management experience managing large pools of pension assets in the capacity of both a limited and a general partner. He is Founder and Chief Executive Officer, WP Global Partners, a private equity company in Chicago managing over $2 billion in funds-of-funds and direct investments. Mr. Phillips founded and was Managing Partner of Ranieri Partners in New York City which is an institutional investment firm managing in excess of $3 billion in residential and commercial real estate (between 2005-2013).

From 1997 until 2005, Mr. Phillips was President of Forstmann-Leff International, Inc. (which he acquired with another partner), where he was responsible for the strategic process of building and managing the global investment management firm. Forstmann-Leff International was a multi-asset class institutional investment management firm with offices in Chicago, New York and Liverpool, England. The firm managed assets for high net worth individuals, pension funds and other institutions for almost 30 years with assets under management that exceed $8.5 billion. After selling his interest in Forstmann-Leff International, Inc., Mr. Phillips created a private equity firm and sold it to WestLB, a large German Bank. Mr. Phillips was the Chief Investment Officer and CEO for WestAM (U.S.) where he directed the investment strategy and oversaw WestAM’s approximately $3 billion portfolio in commitments to private equity funds, real estate, and direct investments. In addition, he was a member of WestAM’s Board of Directors.

From 1990 until 1997, Mr. Phillips was Chairman of Equity Institutional Investors where he was responsible for the formation of four real estate funds with equity commitments of over $2.5 billion. During the same time period at the Equity Group Investments, he was instrumental in establishing the $1.1 billion Zell/Chilmark Fund to buy good companies with bad balance sheets. This fund acquired seven public and private companies that have combined sales of $8 billion and over 50,000 employees.