Jails and prisons have become
unintended mental health facilities

Our services are live, interactive, face-to-face digital consultations, including:

    • Psychiatric consultation and treatment

    • Assessment and management of behavioral conditions such as suicidal ideations and aggression

    • Medication management

    • Therapeutic counseling

    • Behavioral assessments required for staff and patients

Correctional Telebehavioral Health

Our nation’s correctional facilities hold nearly seven million inmates. Over 50% of those inmates have a diagnosable mental illness. With reduced public mental health resources, jails and prisons have become unintended mental health facilities.

MindCare Solutions’ psychiatrists, advanced practice nurses, and behavioral health professionals help you deal with the most severe types of mental illness affecting incarcerated individuals, including psychotic disorders, major depression, bipolar disorder, and substance addiction. Our national network of behavioral care providers has correctional health experience to help you navigate the complex needs of your inmates.

Through telemedicine, we deliver efficient, cost-effective behavioral care whenever and wherever it’s needed. We will build a custom solution to provide you with behavioral clinicians and services that support your staffing, facility and geographic needs.

Healthcare is our focus. Safe and trustworthy technology is our delivery platform. Quality care is our goal.


Reduce transfers and hospitalizations

MindCare Solutions immediate response diffuses volatile situations that threaten the safety of the general population and the staff.

Better access and delivery

Because we can act quickly at any time, minor behavioral episodes don’t have the time to grow in severity, intensity and risk.

Integrated care

We make our behavioral health specialists part of your front-line care team – a new standard of care according to the Institute of Healthcare Improvement.


Removes barriers


Affordable delivery model

Increase quality of care

Improve contract compliance

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