Clinician Partners

MindCare Solutions is a telemedicine and tele-behavioral health company providing care in a variety of settings across multiple states. We use telemedicine technology to deliver care to patients who might not otherwise have ready access to care. MindCare works with patients, families, referring clinicians, practice groups and care facilities to improve access to care, achieve optimal health outcomes, and reduce cost.

Achieving the “triple aim” (enhancing access, improving outcomes, reducing cost) requires dealing with medical complexity, including psychiatric and emotional comorbidities. Dealing with complexity requires integration of whole-person care – body, mind, and spirit – not just isolated attention to medical diagnosis (or diagnoses). MindCare Solutions’ practice model uses collaborative and integrated treatment approaches, customized to the needs of the care setting and provided by a team of clinicians from a variety of disciplines.

We are building a culture, as well as a team. We are looking for physicians, nurse practitioners, and other clinicians who are dedicated to excellence in patient care and customer service.

We are looking for clinicians with:

  • Experience in the care of complex medical and psychiatric illness who would find it meaningful to use their clinical gifts and skills to help patients in a variety of settings

  • Interest in applying cutting-edge technologies and collaborative approaches in the provision of care

  • The flexibility to practice in emerging, innovative care models – clinicians who find this kind of innovation exciting, even fun

We are


Our care reaches across multiple settings in multiple states, and most of our clinicians are licensed to practice in multiple states

Consultation Based

Our care is primarily provided in response to a request from a clinician member of a partnering institution


Our whole-person model of care incorporates attention to physical and spiritual health, as well as emotional/behavioral health


Our care model leverages the coordinated teamwork of a variety of disciplines, facilitated by efficiencies gained from technology

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