Reduce the cost of care by integrating
behavioral health with primary care and
other medical specialties

Our services are live, interactive, face-to-face digital consultations, including:

  • Psychiatric consultation and treatment

  • Psychotropic medication management

  • Therapeutic counseling

At-Risk Providers & Insurers

Studies summarized by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) show that the cost for patients with both a chronic disease and behavioral comorbidities may add as much as 50% to the total cost of care unless properly managed. These behavioral comorbidities contribute to additional cost in a variety of ways – poor self-care, inconsistent compliance, and behaviors that contribute to progression of the disease. IHI recommends that behavioral health be integrated within primary care for patients with chronic disease and behavioral comorbidities. Doing so has been shown to reduce costs between 10% and 15% even accounting for the additional costs of behavioral assessment and therapy.

For entities that absorb financial risk for managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs, the cost and effectiveness of disease management becomes mission critical.

The advent of fee-for-health and at-risk models of care have created direct imperatives for integration of behavioral and medical care and a powerful motivation to use behavioral health approaches to address disease management.

MindCare Solutions is built to provide affordable, effective and timely behavioral health support for patients with chronic disease in at-risk settings.



Behavioral integration with the right patients can substantially reduce your costs for management of behavioral health and chronic disease.


MindCare Solutions solves the issues of access, availability and distribution with specialists licensed to provide care wherever you are.

Coordinated Care

We follow your protocols and share data securely and efficiently so that our providers become an integral part of your onsite team.

Improved Outcomes

By improving long-term outcomes efficiently together, we can offer the greatest value for our most vulnerable patients and clients.

Better Care

For vulnerable populations

Promote behavior change

Fewer emergency room visits

Relieve depression and anxiety

Improve quality of life

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