Addy Biggers - Director, Human Resources

Addy Biggers is the Director, Human Resources for MindCare Solutions.  Addy brings over 17 years of healthcare experience in business development, client services, project management, product management, and coordination of IT operations.

Before joining MindCare Solutions, Addy was the Project Management Office Manager at Press Ganey.  Prior to her role at Press Ganey, Addy held positions at WebMD, Healthways and Gordian Health Solutions where she directed internal team activities to support key clients, offering telehealth coaching programs to over three million health plan members.

Addy has played integral roles in the organizations she has served and helped them achieve overall growth and performance expectations through strategic and tactical execution. She is a graduate of Belmont University and is currently seeking an MBA from Bethel University.  Addy lives in Brentwood, TN, with husband Kurston and daughter Avery Ann.

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"I chose to enter the healthcare industry purposefully. I grew up in a family plagued with medical needs and was often frustrated with the difficulties of the system. Bringing solutions to the complex healthcare system is a personal mission."